– World Art Collaboration

TheOneMillionMasterPiece.comA global piece of artwork, the One Million Masterpiece is working to break many different records while uniting people from all over the world to make a community, increase interaction, and raise lots of money for charity. So far, there are 25,178 members from 174 countries and $19,931.

10 have been raised for charities worldwide. The concept is that one million people will take one square in the collection of one million and will design their own artwork on it. They can come back and edited it at any time, they can make it simple or complex, they can even make it match with other squares that are touching theirs. There´s also a community where people can discuss the different “masterpieces”, introduce themselves, and even talk about the different squares added by someone famous. One of the coolest parts about the piece is that it is constantly changing. You can go to a participant´s page and watch a video of how their square has come to be what it is, watching as you see how they shaded and how the picture changed from being a snake in the desert, to a hot air balloon, to a guy in a kayak, to a squirrel in a tree, to a turkey with the message “Happy Thanksgiving”, to a stage in a theatre, and finally to a cityscape. In Their Own Words

“How can you create a true snapshot of our global society, and sum up its diversity in one single picture? Simple. Get together one million ordinary people from all around the world, and get them to work on the picture together in the world”s largest ever artistic collaboration. A collaboration where everyone is equal, where all outcomes are valid.

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many people are already involved and they have huge traffic going to the site everyday because people don´t just create their online masterpiece and then leave. They can keep updating and changing it, look at what the rest of the community is doing, and comment on all that´s going on. Everything is for a good cause and 5 major charities are already involved. There is a lot of advertising going on on the page, but in a tasteful way that doesn´t take away from what is being done.

Some Questions About

Why haven´t more notable people become involved? Why hasn´t there been more word and news out about this project? Will it be completely finished once one million people have participated, or will they begin a new project?