– Open Source Design is a site that provides custom themes and layouts for LMS or e-learning communities like Moodle, Joomla and Dokeos.

The idea is to provide several design and layout options that allow users to maximize the resources that these portals provide, at making it easier for users to synchronize learning methods with the content, schedule tests, generate sophisticated tracking systems, facilitate interactive features like dictionaries or self-made glossaries, etc. In order to use this site’s design solutions you need to become a member: $100 will buy four months of unrestricted access to the site’s content plus tech support and further customization options. However, if the project you are working in does not require such an investment, you can take advantage of some of the free available options. In Their Own Words

“Our versatile design team is skilled at understanding client needs and creating look and feel for a wide variety of domains. We have over three years experience in designing Moodle, Joomla/Mambo, Drupal, Dokeos and Claroline sites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

LMS are being widely adopted by educational institutions around the world in order to generate fluid communication and e-learning opportunities, but the inflexibility associated with the templates that platforms like Moodle, Joomla and Dokeos provide can hinder the chances of really maximizing distance-learning. A resource as varied and flexible as provides really allows fully using up and deepening LMS platforms usage.

Some Questions About

Though is of course entitled to charge its users for using their content, it does not solve the fact that competitors might rise and provide the same content for free while sustaining themselves via advertising, thus taking up a large chunk of market share. After all, the whole idea supporting LMS is that small institutes or educative institutions use the internet to generate extra bucks through e-learning, and if is going to serve the needs of only a small of the LMS prospective audience’s needs (as most of these platform users will probably not pay the subscription fee), the amount of customers is possibly going to be quite meager.