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TheMallPlus.comThis is the future of virtual shopping. TheMallPlus.

com is a web based virtual shopping mall launched in New Zealand, where users can navigate a three dimensional space to browse and buy products. They are committed to enhancing your shopping experience, so that you get the fun of real shopping combined with the convenience of on line shopping. The mall has a wide range of retailers supplying products targeted at women shoppers. They have also a large number of retailers waiting to join the site and soon will develop malls for other target audiences. They had always in mind the technology to maximize the shopping experience within the constraints of the average consumer, for example you will notice that the initial load up of shops can take a few seconds. But as broadband and processing power increases they will be able to speed up the download and add more features. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to themallplus! Retail like never before! Our core team includes both developers and creative designers so that we can combine the technology with the shopping experience to give the best result possible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is not a portal that redirects consumers to third party websites, instead they’ve created an online virtual shopping mall. This represents the next generation of retail, through a virtual environment; it’s original, it’s exciting and it has an amazing potential.

Some Questions About

This virtual 3D shopping actually slows down the user experience, whereas with Amazon and other e-commerce sites, the idea is to make online shopping as efficient as possible.