– The Book Written By A Social Network

TheLiveBook.comWhat happens when you unleash an entire social network (or two actually) onto a literary expedition? LiveBook. LiveBook takes crowdsourcing to its full potential by allowing members of Bebo and Facebook, respectively, to become online scribes, jotting out the story of Helen and Brian.

So the fates of Facebook Helen and Bebo Brian are in your hands. Sentences are voted in or out by the community. So far, Helen has just registered on Facebook, and Brian has done the same on Bebo. Not the most thrilling beginning, however, take a glance at the possible next sentences, and you’ll find that they can be most amusing. Ok, so they’re no cliffhangers, but it’s only the second sentence. See if you can do better than the rest, and sign up for LiveBook today. In Their Own Words

“LiveBook is a book (to be more precise, two different books) written by the communities of the Facebook and Bebo networks. Each book has its own hero – a girl, Helen, who recently entered the Facebook network and a fellow Brian, who registered in Bebo.
The books are written entirely by the community – each Facebook or Bebo user is free to propose their versions for the course of events in the life of the corresponding hero. Will the user’s sentence be entered into the book or will it be rejected – the community decides, voting “for” or “against.””

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could end up being quite interesting. A crowdsourced book could be a literary disaster, but it does have that vital suspense factor. You’re always left wondering what’s next. What will become of Helen and Brian? It’s practically viral already.

Some Questions About

Will Helen and Brian hook up? When will the second sentence be posted? Will users get impatient and lose interest? How long will the book be?