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TheInterviewr.comThe Interviewr is a new tool that makes the lives of reporters and journalists supremely easy. Just looking at its name gives you an idea of which specific part of their jobs it simplifies. Yes, that’s right: the actual conduction of interviews. This application can be used to have interviews scheduled, managed and effectively carried out. And also recorded. Journalists who use this site to interview anybody are enabled to record their conversations in full, and have them transcribed word by word afterwards.


Using The Interviewr is simplicity itself. All you must do is to individualize the person who is to be interviewed, and the time/date in which the interview is to be conducted. The application will take care of sending the relevant reminders and then connecting you with the interviewee (it will call both of you and then make the relevant connection). The interview will be recorded in its entirety, and an audio copy will be sent to you the minute the conversation has finished.

Besides, you are given a full area for notes, questions, links, files and just anything that could make your interview come to life. And (just like the basic service) all of that is provided for free. In Their Own Words

What is The Interviewr? We are your tool to schedule, manage and record interviews. We provide all the tools you need right at your fingertips so you can get the job done without any worries

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Can you receive interview reminders in ways other than text messages?

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