– Mobile Apps For Restaurants

TheEatsNetwork.comThe Eats Network offers a series of (free) apps that let people who are weighing up where to have lunch or dinner put an end to such a dilemma. Basically, the three apps that are offered will let anybody find out where to head to based on his location, and the kind of food that he is after.

The name of each app makes it transparently clear what demographic and kind of food is supported by it: “Kids Eats”, “Burger Eats” and “Lobster Eats”.

On the other hand, the site explains how restaurateurs that want to have their businesses included on the network go about in order to achieve that aim. As part of the network, any restaurant owner can have immediate access to real time stats and also send out menus to people who resort to The Eats Network in order to satisfy their culinary needs.

I think that the fact the apps are so specific and pointed simply gives the site more focus. Obviously, more apps should be issued in order for the site not to lose ground and continue expanding. But the beginning of the journey for this network is an auspicious one indeed. In Their Own Words

“The Eats Network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that all of the featured apps are usable for free makes everything approachable by just everybody.

Some Questions About

When are more apps being released? Will they also be free?