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TheDailyTube.comYou like online videos, whether you want to admit or not. You make daily visits to YouTube, MetaCafe, and FunnyorDie.

The problem is half the time you get lost and can’t find what you want or you’re just deluged with crap. DailyTube is there to help. They find the best videos on the internet and send them to subscribers via free email. They’ve got a team of 25 editors, webscouts, and writers to ferret out the cream of the crop on a daily basis. Each selection is posted and categorized as Humor, Celebs, Sports, Music, Late Nite, Web Stars, or Campaign ’08. Videos can be comment on, rated, and shared. In Their Own Words

“I love online video and enjoy all the sites that we regularly visit. (See our Favorite Sites list!) But I got frustrated when I couldn’t find the best new videos fast and had to wade through a lot of mediocre or just plain bad ones. I thought, there has to be a better way.
So a group of us decided to contribute to a site that was dedicated to combing the web for the best new videos and presenting them to people like us.
Our motto is No more haystacks, only needles!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sign me up. The email delivery is a masterstroke. This means you needn’t waste your precious time dithering and dallying on YouTube et al trying to find something good. Just check your inbox. If you need more go directly to the site. It’s all nicely categorized for you.

Some Questions About

What is the best of the best? DailyTube is only as good as the taste of its editorial team. If they don’t deliver what the mass wants, then what’s the point?