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TheCorporatePlaybook.comThe Corporate Playbook offers athletes a competitive advantage in owning their careers and connecting them in a personal way with companies looking for qualities only found in atheletes. The Corporate Playbook is committed to assisting current and alumni student athletes in the preparation and pursuit of a fulfilling, lucrative career that truly matches their skills and talents., provides career coaching, resume development, college career fairs, business networking, career placement services, and job postings from top nationally known organizations. Best of all – it’s completely FREE! In Their Own Words

“By offering career coaching services and online job postings, The Corporate Playbook ensures that the athletes are well prepared for their transition from college to the workforce and it provides a direct connection for companies seeking these unique skill sets. Also, providing networking services for alumni athletes, employers, recruiters, and national athletic departments, the communication process improves and creates more successful business relationships.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This web site has the potential to be a killer because it gives young athletes the chance to communicate with a recruiter or with an employer and viceversa. Student athletes and alumni can sign up for free.

Some Questions About

How will the web site keep users after the free trial is over? How is a user supposed to find this web page? Will the page be able to survive with the only athletes policy?

Author : Liam Gray

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