KillerStartups – An Easy Way to Get Class Notes is a network for University students where they can share their class materials online.

Register at to upload class documents from; study guides, to labs, to essays, to problems sets, to notes, research papers, outlines, and more. Register with the site or sign in to your facebook account and find documents that will help you with your course information. You can search by your University, or course or type of document you are looking for. If there is a specific user who post good notes, take a look at the new documents he/she has posted. As a visitor to the site you can look at all of the posted documents, but in order to upload the document, rate it, or make a comment on it you must register. At the moment there are six schools that participate on the site; Cornell, USC, Colorado, Princeton, Stanford, and Santa Clara. Take advantage of to get information that will help you with your studies. Using is easy and useful. In Their Own Words

“TCF is a dedicated network for college students on which they publish and view academic resources: outlines, study guides, notes, formula sheets, essays, and other student generated documents.
TCF enables offline student sharing of documents to go online. Online students will have access to more documents of potentially higher quality and greater breadth in more courses, departments, and schools. TCF organizes these documents to enable easy search. For example, TCF requires standardized file tagging by content providers, which makes finding files by content seekers more effective.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate and features many lists of documents on the homepage. has a great deal of content and thoroughly explains how you can use the site. The facebook feature is a plus because most university students have facebook and therefore will use the application. It is nice that users can choose to be anonymous and post documents anonymously protecting their privacy. features many lists that display which schools are most active and which courses are the most popular.

Some Questions About

Professors will not be excited to learn about this site, which encourages students to be lazy with note taking. Will students really use this site when most Universities have other networks that give students notes and old exams? At the moment there are only six universities that participate on the site. Does plan on expanding the network to include more Universities?

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