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TheCareerProject.orgIn an ideal world, you should be able to have as much of an inside look into any company you are keen on working for as you wanted. That is, a look that goes well beyond the glossy surface of their ads and press releases.


That is exactly what The Career Project aims to provide everybody. The site is an interactive career profile database that will empower users to have a personalized and uncensored glimpse into real careers and jobs through the eyes of the people who really count – the ones who work there.

The site makes for anonymity, as it was only to be expected. Companies just don’t take to that kind of insight too kindly, so that users of the site can remain anonymous while they are giving direct advice to students and job seekers keen on working at the company they are currently employed at. Besides, the site’s mentors will explain minutely to anybody what it takes to get a job into any given field, and how to break into specific companies.

From a conceptual point of view, the site is quite sterling. After all, if you are placing your trust and energy into any company you are entitled to know beforehand what it is that you are getting in exchange. The Career Network offers the closest to that you can get on the Web. In Their Own Words

“The Career is an interactive career profile database that allows you a personal and uncensored look into thousands of real careers and jobs through the eyes of the people who work them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A resource like this one equalizes employers and employees, and it puts them in a position where the two of them know exactly who is who.

Some Questions About

How is the identity of mentors protected?

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