search cancel – Your Online Business Bulletin Board is a new way to post yourself and your services online in order to start generating more business coming your way.


The whole idea revolves around your usual business card, and this is in fact what actually gets published on their site.

Here’s how it works: the most important part consists of getting your business card up there in the web. To do this there are two ways you can opt from. The first one is to scan it yourself and then upload it. The second one consists in mailing your card to the company and they will be so kind as to scan it for you and upload it to an online account that will belong to you. In all honesty this seems something terribly kind of them to do for you especially considering that they are a startup and that they don’t charge a thing for their service. Probably this will only be going until their site picks up some momentum and then it will become impossible for them to process all of the incoming requests. This being said, it is very unlikely that many people will choose to send in their cards by mail if they can simply have them scanned at home or even just take a picture of them with their mobiles to upload them.

Once your card is up on the board everyone can see it and begin contacting you. The home page is filled with an assortment of cards which presumably will go rotating in time. When you come to think of it, this really is a free way of advertising. Furthermore, you can receive feedback on your card and start making contacts! In Their Own Words

‘ is a free online business card bulletin board. Search for contacts by location, industry or keywords. It’s easy, create an account, upload your scanned business card and post today! Or, create an account, mail in your card. We’ll scan it for you and upload your card image into your profile. You will then be notified to complete the posting process. We just launched our site. Tell a friend.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

It follows the direction in which the world tends to move which is ditching paper and going web.

Some Questions About

How will it compete with sites like linkedin?

Author : Bill Webb

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