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Thebroth.comThe Broth is a Web 2.0, collaborative approach to the classic artform of Paint, Photoshop, and all the other digital manipulation and creation software.

Create, collaborate, play, chat, make friends, blog, exhibit, rate, discuss, it can all be done on the Broth. You don’t need to register to collaborate in the galleries, though signing up will give you access to the tons of cool features The Broth has to offer. When you sign up, you will be able to open op your own colloborative live art room, take snapshots and exhibit them in the public gallery, then rate and discuss other artworks in the gallery. You will even be enabled to create your own personal profile. Manage your friends and stats, add avatars, earn awards and write in your blog. In Their Own Words

“TheBroth was conceived by a small but rather industrious bunch of developers at Cherry Internet Services Pty Ltd, an internet publishing company located in Perth, the capital of Western Australia.
Our goal was quite simple. Make an application that just totally rocks!
Like most developers, we were quite enthused by the paradigm shift that the ‘net experienced in the last few years. A new set of technologies emerged that used buzzwords such as Ajax and Web 2.0 that when combined cleverly, would make internet applications possible that are as responsive and powerful as offline, stand-alone applications.
What if we could harness the power of these new technologies, and create something that is truly open, and truly beneficial for the whole internet community at large? Where casual internet surfers can have as much fun and satisfaction as web developers, serious artists, marketers, to name a few of the main benefactors of”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site was a serious breath of fresh air after having visted fistfuls of artist networks which rarely challenged the tried and true model. The team at The Broth are out of the box thinkers; effectively and creatively combining the powers of AJAX and web 2.0 to create a unique interactive experience and social network for artists.

Some Questions About

The site interface is looking a little lacking as far as site information. I see tabs directing me to certain spots on the site such as graffiti and mosaic, though I had to research for myself exactly what the purpose of these options were and what exactly the site functions as. When I open a page, I like to know, what is the function of the website, and where should I go first? How could they spruce up information content to direct me to the places I want to go?

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