– Create Virtual Photo Albums

Thebragosphere.comThebragosphere is a web-based photo sharing solution that allows you to share “bragbooks”, or photo albums with the people you choose. You are provided with a number of customizable options and the solution does a great job of making it feel like you are actually flipping through a photo album.

To make your own album, just drag and drop photos and easily choose privacy settings to control who can and can’t see your album. There is also ample space for commenting on each page so that you can keep track of exactly what you were doing when the photos were taken. Along with commenting functionality, Thebragosphere also allows others to vote whether they like the album or not by rating it from 1 to 5 stars. In Their Own Words

“The Bragosphere is a collection of virtual photo albums (called Brag Books) that can be shared with friends, family, or the general public. You can create stunning page layouts containing your favorite pictures, even videos, that other people can interact with.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Photo albums are easy to create and the viewing experience is excellent. This could become a popular site if they are able to market correctly.

Some Questions About

This space might be too crowded for the Thebragosphere to succeed. They do everything well but there are already a plethora of sites with large customer bases already functioning.