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TheBlogFrog.comTopic-based bloggers who are having trouble building up a loyal fanbase, this is the one service you’ve been waiting for. BlogFrog enables bloggers to do nothing short of creating a parallel network for these readers that are interested in what’s being discussed on their blogs. That’s done with one aim in mind, namely letting people who take to contributing to a blog be able to reach out to every single other visitor in an instant way.

From a technical point of view, bloggers can implement this service just by adding a short code snippet to their blogs. This will generate an interface letting visitors connect among themselves well outside the comments they can leave on any post.

And bloggers aren’t charged anything. They won’t have to pay a cent to have a BlogFrog-networked blog. The company generates an income via the ads it features when BlogFrog content is displayed on participating blogs.

BlogFrog has built its entire network from a seed fund of $900,000, and it’s already servicing over 60,000 registered blogs from across 10,000 active communities. Most of the blogs it powers are the kind featuring content that caters for women, as they are more likely to strike up conversation with strangers. In Their Own Words

Engage your readers, increase your pageviews and income by installing a community.

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Which brands are already advertising on BlogFrog? Who should a brand manager approach in order to have a chance of being featured there?

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