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TheBizmo.comTheBizmo allows anyone to create their own online store for the purpose of selling digital music, videos, ringtones, images, tickets, and merchandise. Think of TheBizmo as a tool that allows independent artists to promote their work and make a few bucks in the process.


If you are currently producing any of the above-mentioned content, you can also have your fans sell your products too, since anyone can copy your Bizmo items and sell them as well. They earn a commission for the sale of your products and anything you change in your Bizmo store automatically changes in theirs. This is an excellent way of spreading your unique material virally across the world. In Their Own Words

“Create your own store to sell your digital music, videos, ringtones and images, as well as tickets and merchandise. thebizmo is free to use, simply click on the sign up button and get started.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Allowing others to sell each others content is an excellent idea and should help TheBizmo grow into a successful venture.

Some Questions About

Will they be able to attract record labels to the fold as well? It will be interesting to see whether the majority of content remains independent or whether TheBizmo becomes a preferred distribution channel for major labels as well.

Author : Caroline Bright

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