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TheAscendanceGroup.orgWho you know is more important than what you know. It shouldn’t be like that, but these are the rules in the real world and if you play the game you have got to play it right.

And if you are a college student that keeps on asking himself “What will I do after I have graduated?”, then this service will be worth a look.

In general terms, The Ascendance Group (TAG) is a mentorship service that connects students with professionals that are employed at these companies that the students are keen on working for. In that way, students are given a ready chance to know how it all works from the inside, and realize if their expectations are being realistic or mere flights of fancy.

Ultimately, anything that gives students a career advantage of any denomination is interesting by definition. And if it provides them with a full sampler of the professional world by letting them interact with the ones who do their daily rounds there then it is all even more exciting and (above all) more useful. In Their Own Words

“The Ascendance Group is a service that connects students with professional leaders. Using TAG’s unique Mentorship Program, students gain an unfair career advantage.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site turns the daunting process of inserting yourself in the professional world into something simpler and more direct.

Some Questions About

Will this eventually have international outreach?