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TheArtistifier.comWith the success “The Artist” had last night (romping home with the “Best Movie” and “Best Actor” Academy Awards), the release of a site like this one only makes too much sense. The Artistifier is a site that lets you have a silent movie created, using any clip you might already have. You have to supply the URL where your video is hosted, and you’ll have that turned into a glorious period piece. The image will go black and white, and text will be inserted at these points that a narration is needed for viewers to have an understanding of what they’re watching.


The Artistifier is free to use, and you don’t have to sign up for the service in order to make your clips go retro. As long as you have a video URL at hand then you’ll be able to use this service, and breathe life into any video you have shot.

So, The Artistifier is a sure way to make any clip of yours that little more interesting. The site can produce really professional results in no time at all. Granted, you won’t win an Oscar for what you’ve created. But it’ll be good for a laugh or two with your friends. Not bad for starters. In Their Own Words

Make any YouTube video award-winning.

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How can this site be kept from becoming a simple fad?

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