This Mom Will Review Your Site For $75

Today’s Killer Startup: The User Is My Mom


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Elevator Pitch:

The User Is My Mom has a real mom review your website.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

When you’re creating a website, you want to make sure that its usability is so high that even the most internet-averse users out there could successfully navigate it. Problem is, most of us who are making websites are surrounded by other people who know a lot about websites.


Co-founder Scotty Allen has recruited his mom, who “yells at her computer, doesn’t know what a twitter is, and struggles to find windows she’s minimized” to review websites for a flat fee of $75 on The User Is My Mom. The site reminds people that all websites should be designed “with your mom in mind,” but our own moms aren’t known for being great sources of honest feedback. (You know you elementary school art wasn’t that good.)


Instead, Scotty’s mom (who he’s splitting the proceeds with) will give you a detailed review of the usability of your site. The idea came from his co-founder Richard’s site, The User Is Drunk, where Richard gets wasted and tests how usable sites really are. Scotty and Richard saw that there was a niche for this kind of user testing and recruited Scotty’s mom to help out.


I love this idea so much. So many of the sites that I deal with on the daily are confusing and conflicting. People think they’ve designed sites that make sense because they’ve come from their own minds, so of course they make sense! Having a non-internet savvy person review them ensures that websites will be easier and more awesome.


Also, it’s fun.


Scotty and Richard are looking for other moms who want to make some extra cash, so that they can up their output of mom-reviewed sites, so if your mom also has trouble with minimized windows, hit them up.



This MOM will review your website, because it should be so easy your mom could understand it. @theuserismymom


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