The US DOD & Energy Challenges –

The US DOD & Energy ChallengesThe objective of this blog is a clear and concise one: it intends to bring into the light the energy challenges that the US Department of Justice has to face in this century. The idea is to bring each one of these problems into the collective knowledge of Americans, explaining what are the specific causes in each and every case and then arrive at some kind of conclusion.

In this way, problems are identified and both medium and long terms solutions are put forward for the betterment of the US Department of Defense, and for the good of America as a whole.

The blog is updated quite frequently, and some of the featured posts when I gave it a try included “Convoy-free Electricity Ready For Prime Time?” and “Transforming The Way DOD Looks At Energy”. Besides, there is a “Energy Regs & Policy” section which will let you have an ever better overall insight on the topics at hand. The US DOD & Energy Challenges