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Make Sure Your Emails Really Say What You Want Them To Say With The Tone Analyzer

Today’s Killer Startup: The Tone Analyzer



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Elevator Pitch:

“The Tone Analyzer service uses linguistic analysis to detect emotional tones, social propensities, and writing styles in written communication. Then it offers suggestions to help the writer improve their intended language tones.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Although I’d say it has definitely gotten better in recent years, the issue of people not communicating the tone they wanted when they’re emailing or messaging or texting is still very real. I can think of an experience recently where I was completely put off by a new person’s emails, but found them to be delightful when we talked on the phone. Unfortunately, communicating via the written word is something that a lot of people still need to master.


The Tone Analyzer is a new tool from IBM that uses Watson, the AI computer, to analyze the tone of written communications. You can plug in anything — an email, a blog post, an online dating profile — and it will come back with a full analysis of your tone. It’s a great tool for making sure that not only your words are getting through but that your intended tone is too.


Take, for example, an email informing your team that you’re running low on funds but it’s not time to panic — yet. You want to make sure that your tone is reassuring, excited, enthusiastic… And a little bit panicked. That’s a delicate balance to strike. The Tone Analyzer could help you make sure you’re hitting all of the right notes.


Another great usage could be for people who have just started dating and haven’t quite figured out the best way to talk to each other yet. Since a lot of those early conversation happen digitally these days, The Tone Analyzer could both help the person writing a message compose something appropriate and also help the person receiving the message get a better understanding of what’s being said. There is, of course, a certain danger there: it’s easy to become obsessive. But let’s be real: It’s always easy to become obsessive when you’re first seeing someone.


Whether we use it for work emails or for romance, The Tone Analyzer is a great new tool that has the potential to clarify the way we communicate online.



Not sure what that message REALLY meant? Let #TheToneAnalyzer from @IBMWATSON decode it for you.


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