The SEEON180° backpack: A high-tech friend that has your back

Many of us can get caught up in the excitement of travelling or exploring new cities and places, and we often overlook planning for our safety during these adventures. While finding yourself in an unsafe situation is rare, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared and invest in your own security. Luckily, the SEEON180° is the perfect travel partner that stays on the alert for dangerous scenarios and always has your back.

The SEEON180° is a smart backpack featuring an AI alert system and built-in camera that analyzes images in real time, identifies risks and alerts the wearer to what is happening behind them. Always on your back, the SEEON180° provides you with complete smart technology protection from unsafe events while travelling, walking alone at night, riding public transportation and more. Since life is never without risks, the SEEON180° has you covered so you can travel with confidence.

The SEEON180° is much more than just a backpack with a camera. With AI and bluetooth technology, the bag provides a 180-degree view from behind, detects and alerts you of hazards with motion sensor technology and an alarm system and provides live GPS tracking so you always know where your stuff is if it gets lost or stolen. For those who prioritize both function and fashion, SEEON180° is where Italian design meets German technology. The backpack is built with elegance in mind and comes in six different colors.

Get comprehensive protection with a wide range of built-in functions:

Anti-theft function |  The SEEON180° features an alarm system that alerts you with three alarm levels if it senses the possibility of nearby danger. This includes electronic vibrations, a sound alarm and flashing lights plus sound. 

Party Mode | To make sure you’re always bright, SEEON180° carries smart LED lights that automatically sense dark areas and light up. Choose from a wide range of color options, all from your device.

Easy charging | No need to remove the power bank from the bag, you can easily charge it through a special USB port.

Backup battery | No worries if your phone’s battery is low, the smart bag provides you with fast USB outputs for charging your devices on-the-go.

Internal lights | Interior lighting saves you time searching for things in your bag.

Smart location alerts | The smart bag will notify you on your device via bluetooth and GPS if you get far enough from it.

Comfort | Designed with premium leather, the SEEON180° provides you with maximum comfort while wearing, making your day easier and allowing you to keep up with your travels or commute.

Ready for more? The SEEON180° is taking your safety to the next level, staying on the alert with high-tech functionality so you can spend less time worrying and more time on all of life’s adventures. Check out their website to learn more and preorder a backpack from the future!