The People’s Smart Home Provider

The machines are catching up.  Thanks to the amazing Internet of Things, some inanimate objects now have a level of intelligence that rivals human beings.

The IoT is placing a whole new world of possibilities at our disposal – connecting everyday objects through an interactive network and giving them previously unimaginable functionality.  But like so many other breakthrough technologies, it remains out of reach for most people at its current point.

This is especially true when it comes to smart home automation.  Being able to control and manage much of what your home has to offer from anywhere in the world is a distinct possibility – but the lofty price tag makes this unrealistic for a large portion of the population.  Don’t forget, there was a time not too long ago when a new PC cost thousands of dollars.

The reality, however, is that many smart home systems are actually affordable – most people just expect them to be out of their price range.  This keeps them away from ever learning what they’re all about in the first place and understanding how much they could help their lives.

The time has come to open the world’s eyes with SYS Smart Home Technology: a new solutions provider looking to bring their innovative home automation systems to the masses.  The company is doing so through their Community Partnership Program, which gets people educated, excited, and involved with the smart home action while simultaneously funding local churches.

The community-based initiative allows churches to sign up and offer congregation members free smart home equipment when they sign up for SYS’ smart home security monitoring.  For each member who does so, SYS will then donate 20% of the sale right back to the ministry.

What’s more, SYS packages start at just $2.50 per day.  Thousands of people who were left out in the cold previously can therefore start powering their homes towards the new age of the IoT right from their mobile devices.  From unlocking the door for a delivery man to switching off lights remotely, the SYS system lets users capitalize on all smart home tech has to offer while also helping save money on utilities.

In addition to convenience, their systems also deliver added safety – including the ability to check on kids while you’re away and identify burglars in the event of a crime.  SYS offers three different packages to customers, with the following elements included in their top level Gold package:

  • 1 smart automation control panel
  • 3 door and window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 smart lock
  • 1 key fob
  • 1 media player with 3 months of Gynesys TV

Going forward, SYS plans to continue adding features and functionality to its current smart home offerings.  On the marketing end, they are prepared to begin aggressively going after ministries in multiple markets to promote the Community Partnership Program. This is a great program for simultaneously helping communities gain affordable access to smart home technology and for funding lifechanging churches and ministries throughout the country.

For more information on SYS Smart Home Technology and to view a detailed explainer video, visit them online at  You can also reach the team via email at [email protected].


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