Zenither: The Next Generation of Web TV

The days of being held hostage by your couch and a standard TV channel lineup are over thanks to over-the-top (OTT) media distribution.  Content consumption is now in our hands – literally.


OTT streaming delivers convenience, customization, and multi-device capability that we never could’ve fathomed just a couple decades ago; but it’s a long way from perfect.  The user experience associated with the majority of apps & services is poor, and often prone to delivering malware and scams.


It’s prohibitive on the business side of things, too.  Publishers are forced to deal with high OTT distribution costs, apps that lack data & ad sales features, and ad exchanges that undervalue their content.  Plus, the advertisers themselves tend to lose money due to fake users and bots.


All of this adds up to a pressing need for an OTT solution that improves the viewer experience while also addressing the other major industry issues.  Introducing Zenither: an easy-to-use “TV anywhere” platform that empowers content owners to operate independent global networks.


With Zenither, consumers can watch digital TV channels & movies on their terms right from a variety of devices.  What sets us apart, however, is our patent pending “dynamic television broadcasting” system that allows indie content creators and mid-tier film distributors to operate & launch their own TV networks – and manage everything with just a laptop.

“Our proprietary process eliminates the need for DVR or broadcast delay technologies,” affirmed Carey Martell, Zenither’s Founder.  “On top of this, it allows publishers to increase ROI by setting their own ad prices and providing accurate, real-time data about ID-verified users.  The system is also unable to load malware.”


Users can access Zenither via a web app or mobile app and enjoy content from more than 30 providers, who are free to distribute anywhere in the world without restrictions.  Other features and benefits of the platform include:

  • An intuitive CRM suite to manage sales, billing, and analytics
  • Episode scheduling and other broadcast automation capabilities
  • Easy embedding of YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch videos
  • Optimization for all screen sizes
  • Customizable hourly programming guides for viewers


It took 15 months for Martell to build out the platform, but now it’s gaining serious momentum.  Zenither now boasts over 1,500 titles on its 40 channels – which have been viewed over 300,000 times by 7,000+ registered users.

Just launching its marketing campaign in October 2018, Zenither is now focused on the future.  The company plans to be relentless in its efforts to add more OTT providers and channels, and is on track to be featured on Roku by January 2019.

Ready to take your OTT streaming experience to the next level?  You can start by checking out the Zenither web app at www.zenither.com.  Please feel free to contact Founder Carey Martell at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries.


Photos: Zenither