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The Missing Link in Online Grocery



Nobody’s got time for long grocery store lines.


Thankfully for busy consumers, several grocery innovations have sprung to life in recent years that make the shopping experience a little more painless.  But even these have their limitations.


For all the convenience that grocery pickup services by Walmart, Kroger, Albertson’s and others provide in comparison to the status quo, they’re still operated manually – often forcing consumers to pick up their groceries in tight time slots and only end up waiting.  This, in turn, provides little lasting benefit to the grocers as well.


The Myrmex unmanned grocery pickup system, on the other hand, makes grocery pickup as convenient as getting cash from an ATM.  Through a network of mobile robotic units, mini-loads, and roll cages, it wheels groceries right to the customer at a predetermined pickup point.


No more waiting around and dealing with the human element.  With Myrmex, grocery orders are delivered seconds after customers arrive at the pickup point, 24 hours a day.  The units are even equipped with temperature-controlled rooms for chilled and frozen goods.


Grocers themselves also stand to benefit from the Myrmex solution.  “Our system’s lowered operational expenses allow grocers to offer it as a free-of-charge service – thus leading to noticeable increases in their online sales,” stated Myrmex Founder Ioannis Kanellos.


The company has already obtained two US patents on its breakthrough solution, while a third one is currently under negotiation with US Patent and Trademark Office.


Myrmex is currently in contact with Ocado, the world’s number one exclusive online grocer, for early trial runs in their delivery chain. Looking ahead, Myrmex is aiming to leverage this partnership even further through the placement of its systems into Ocado’s logistics solutions.  Doing so will mark a big step towards the company’s goal of shipping out systems to global grocers within 2019.


If you’d like more information on Myrmex and their upcoming mass market release, please contact Founder Ioannis Kanellos at [email protected]

Author : Laura Moller

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