You’re At A Place, You Feel An Emotion…Now Flog It!

Have you ever gone to your favorite bar and said, “Man, this place makes me happy”? For me, that bar is Magdalena’s Party, and sometimes I want to share with others exactly how it makes me feel. Flog agrees. The site lets you search for places (via Google Street View) and share the emotion that place evokes for you with others. We caught up with co-founder, Stefano Iannarone to find out the meaning of Flog, how he feels about Flog, and how even at the dentist he finds inspiration.


Where did the name Flog come from?

Flog is a short version of “Feel Log.” That’s what people can do on our website. Feel and Log something about a place. Our “motto” is Feel, Log & Share.



How many people did you start the company with and how many people work for you now?

We started with two and we’re still two, making everything–Developing, studying, thinking about improvements and so on. We just started our adventures. If everything goes well, we’ll need more people to work with us.

Remember the early days starting up? Maybe you can share one anecdote that describe the struggle you went through?

We were very emotional. We wanted to buy a bottle of champagne but we forgot to do it. We’ve put our Alpha version online last year, on  11/11/2011. We thought was a nice date. But once it was up, nothing worked. A few minutes later, I realized I didn’t change a little parameter on Web Server.



How do you handle frustration? When/how was the last time you dealt with frustration?

I’m a quite person and I try to be calm in every kind of situation. But the last days we were putting Flog online, was a very crazy period for us. We were just afraid we missed something and all our friends were waiting for this moment.


What’s your office environment like?

For now we’re still working for another company and working on our project part-time. It’s very hard. Many nights we spend working instead of sleeping. So my flat is my office.


How do you picture Flog in 5 years?

We have so many other ideas for Flog. I hope to have a good young team. I like Google’s style. I dream to have offices like Google.


Who or what inspires you?

I’m a curious person and my brain never stops. While I’m in the car, at the supermarket, or even the dentist, I’m always thinking. The best way is to think like a user and understand what they would like from Flog. I get inspiration all the time, everywhere.





How’d you fund this venture?

We developed Flog without any cost. What we spent was just lot of time. We’d like to have some VC interest in our project.


Got any great bootstrapping tips for the lean startups out there?

Stay hungry, stay foolish” from Steve Jobs is a great suggestion. I also say to people to believe in their project. Have experiences, look around on the web and learn as much as they can. Your project is like a dream, never stop thinking about it. You hold the key to make it a reality.


What would you be doing if you had one year off and $500,000 to spend?

I would like to go around the world in many different countries to see how people live and what are their priorities in life.


Mobile App you’re in love with and why?

Whatsapp. I can write to my friends and relatives fast and share pictures and video.


Dogs or cats?

Cats. I have one.


What’s the greatest thing about Flog?

I think we’re the first website that allows to people to put a marker wherever they want inside Street View, and to have a real experience. I think we’re first because I didn’t find anything like that on Google, and if its not in Google, it does not exist.



Where can our readers reach out to you?

I have a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Thanks Stefano! Love the concept of logging your feelings for a place. Check out to feel, log and share the places that love.


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