You Know A Dream Matters When It Hurts

Hold onto, follow, pursue, believe in – the verbs we use to talk about our dreams reveal a problem. We have a pretty easy time forgetting, putting aside, delaying, turning our back on our deepest wishes. We need dreams to bother us, remind us that they are still around and that we need to do something about them now.


Unfulfilled dreams should annoy us until we address them. The Itch List understands this, which is why, as the name suggests, it adds a prickly element to the garden variety bucket list. To get people doing rather than to-doing their dreams, this app includes deadlines, a buddy system, and a bragging wall of sorts to pester individuals into action.



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Founder Smriti Modi tells us more about The Itch List. Irritable has never been so friendly…


What’s your company about? What do you do? Who are your customers?

A bucket list with deadlines and a buddy system to help get things done. The Itch List is just the poke, nudge, prick you need to get going on the things you’re itching to do. List all the things you absolutely MUST do on this planet and put a scratch-by-date to each, to keep reminding you of your itches. If you’re having trouble scratching them alone, buddy up with other members or invite friends to join, and see how quickly your Itch List becomes a Scratchbook worth bragging about.


What’s the greatest thing about your company/website? Why is it better than the competition?

The site not only makes you commit to your bucket list/ goals by putting them out in the world, it also enables you to knock things off your list by connecting you with like minded people. It also creates a brag-worthy Scratchbook for you to flaunt.


How’d you come up with the name for your company?

Playing on the words ‘itch’. We have heard people with itchy feet, an itch people have to do something. So a list of everything you are itching to do is The Itch List. Pretty Straightforward.



itch list founder

Smriti Modi, “trying to be badass”



What time do you usually start work each day? How many hours a day do you usually work?

8am, work for about 6 hours everyday.


When’s the last time you went on vacation and where did you go?

Went to Surabaya in Indonesia last month, to hike up an active volcano.


What’s the very first thing you do at work every day?

Turn on the music.


How many people did you start the company with and how many people work for you now?

Started alone, working with 6 people at the moment.



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A lot of people have big ideas. What gave you the confidence to actually go after yours?

Almost everyone who heard about it saw potential in the idea. But the actual confidence came when I realised that even if I fail, I wouldn’t have lost anything really. Can always go back to a regular job if NEED arises.


Remember the early days of starting up? Describe the struggles you went through.

The biggest challenge was that I was starting up alone, no one to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off or motivate me in low times!


How do you handle frustration? What has been your biggest professional frustration?

To avoid frustration, I just stop working on that particular subject. Sleep over it, go for a swim or just anything to let time pass. When you look back at the same thing after some time, there’s usually a solution there.


What’s your office environment like? Do you listen to music? Watch movies? Play video games?

Yes, music all the time.


How do you picture your company in 5 years?

I see us as a must-have app on every twenty-thirty someone’s phone, pushing them to pursue their big and small dreams.



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the startup office


Who or what inspires YOU? Role models? Quotes? Running? Video games? Snack food?

Many people and stories have inspired me at various levels, but as weirdly simple it may sound, one phrase that has sort of driven me is ‘Just do it’.


Top 5 websites you couldn’t live without and why?



All the entertainment, inspiration, information I will ever need!


Three people (other than you) we should follow on Twitter?


Where else should our readers find your company online?


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