The Boom Heard Round The Globe: Marco Giberti And Startups In Latin America

It can seem from a precursory glance that the start-up scene is deeply American. Even the language surrounding the phenomenon, “bootstrapping” for example, has deep connections with the views and culture of the United States. It is easy to forget that Startups are a worldwide phenomenon. Marco Giberti is one of the Angel investors that is making some of these startups possible in Latin America.



A Bold New Opportunity

According to Giberti’s most recent interview with Anna Heim. Latin America is a fertile ground for these new startups. Aside from the typical bootstrappers and angel investors he comments on the rise of Venture capitalists. “Basically guys like me who “did it” before and are now coming back and trying to help and accelerate entrepreneurs in Latin America.”


In the Cities and The Country

This growth is not relegated to the major cities like São Paulo and Rio De Janeiero in Brazil. Smaller Brazilian cities like Recife are home to Porto Digita and others. Similar Trends abound in Chile, Columbia, and Mexico.



Challenges Ahead

It’s not all smooth sailing however. Communication is still an issue, but there’s hope ahead, in what Giberti sees, “a tremendous opportunity to improve communication between entrepreneurs in Latin America and entrepreneurs here in Miami and in the US Hispanic segment.” He is actively involved with investors in Miami, actively seeing out entrepreneurs who have traction. “It’s not as easy rolling out in Latin America as it sounds… you’ve got to work with good Angels and the right local partners.”


If Giberti’s confidence is well placed, and his previous successes show it usually is, he may be right in saying that this wave of entrepreneurs south of the border “Is only the beginning.”


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