The Best St. Louis Startups

Ah, St. Louis. The Missouri-based city is the second largest in the state, and one of the most popular, with over 300,000 in population. It’s also home to some of the most notable sports teams out there, including the St. Louis Cardinals, the  Blues, the City SC of Major League Soccer, and the XFL expansion team St. Louis Battlehawks. And of course, tourists can’t get enough of the Gateway Arch. But what about the St. Louis startup scene?

Believe it or not, there are a number of high-profile startups that reside in the city, some of which are quite popular with audiences. There’s always room for more growth as well, especially as the city picks up in numbers. So what are the best in the St. Louis startup market?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key businesses that you can visit within the city!

St. Louis startups

MediBeacon Is the Highest Rated St. Louis Startup

There’s a reason that MediBeacon is easily one of the most popular – if not the most popular – startups in the city. Founded over ten years ago, it’s become a premiere creator in the medical field, using light-activated agents to help invent new technology. This includes an awesome real-time kidney function monitoring system, which assists in helping subjects find symptoms and solutions.


Next up is Balto. If you’re any sort of person in the field of customer service, you might have heard of this company. Since 2017, it’s put together some of the most advanced AI-powered consumer response systems out there. It basically listens in on calls and provided thousands of agents with the best answer to provide consumers, based on real-time replies. This system is very advanced, and also surprisingly affordable – and perfect for up-and-comers starting something new.


This business making the best St. Louis startups list doesn’t actually have a bonfire running in its office. The company is based around creating workforces on a remote level, which might explain how it’s thrived since the COVID epidemic in 2020. It’s been well rated for years prior to that, however, and continues to innovate with a number of affordable high-tech solutions for the business world!


For the past four years, this St. Louis startup has been assisting others with creating mobile and online apps. We know it can be tough to design apps, and trusting a team with the right budget can be darn near impossible. However, Adalo has an established business base, as well as a team of experts that can make even the most advanced app happen. That’s ideal for not only other St. Louis startup businesses, but also veterans looking to do something a little more high-tech.


Next up in our list of essential St. Louis startup businesses is this company, in operation since 2016. With the help of what it calls “Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring,” CareSignal monitors patients and helps identify risks within them before something goes wrong. Not only that, but it also assigns specific care teams to help those that can’t afford a hospital stay, as well as using its automated platform to collect worthwhile information where necessary.


DenimSocial leans more towards the second part of its name – social. It’s all about working with its software to help marketers with taking care of their organic social media content, as well as any paid advertising that it may have on its app or website. Its work covers a number of high-profile clients, including banks, insurance companies, and those that specialize in wealth management. With that storied pedigree, this St. Louis startup is out to make a difference.


Next up is a company that kind of sounds like Nextel, but actually takes their St. Louis startup business to a higher level. Textel is all about using its cloud-based texting platform to assist different centers built around contact. That means a better experience when it comes to talking to customers, as well as pumping up that engagement so that it has respectable numbers. Not only that, but it works closely with both inbound and outbound SMS and MMS texts, enabling faster reach amongst consumers and those that need to talk to them.

Who’s Next?

As you can see, this list of some of the best St. Louis startups is excellent, but there’s always room to add to it. The question is, does it seem like the right spot for you? Pay them a visit and see if you can stop by and talk to these companies for advice. You might just find a new place to call home!