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The Best Place To Buy All Of Your Startup Swag

If there’s one thing startups love, it’s startup swag with their logo on it. I mean, there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to dudes wearing startup shirts. My little brother, one of the founders of, lives in his company tees, only changing into something different if, a) our youngest brother gives in a sick new shirt from his line, Madlove, or, b) he has a meeting and therefore has to look like a grown up in front of other grownups. Otherwise, it’s the Flagman logo all day, every day.


But where can you get those custom tees made? And what if you want other swag, like tote bags or hats or jackets? Why stop at the t-shirt when you could be rocking your logo on practically everything you own? Also, heads up guys: The ladies in your company are NOT loving having to wear those baggy, poorly fitting mens tees. Get them some of their own, please!




You can order all of those things (and more) on Taggler. You just choose the item you want enhanced, upload your logo, and then get free quotes from Taggler’s network of printing companies. They’ll tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision: all inclusive prices, ratings, and totally uncensored reviews from real customers. You get to pick the best quote and then put through your order for badass startup swag. Seriously, you can get basically whatever you want emblazoned with your logo.


Taggler offers a totally secure payment platform, so you don’t have to worry about fun stuff like identity theft. Once your money has gone through, you can just sit back, relax, and wait for your tees/bags/hats/aprons/whatever to arrive!



And when they do, please do me a big favor and post them here. I want to see you in all of your startup swag glory!


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Taggler | Michael Vroegop/Flickr

Author : Emma McGowan

Emma is a proud native of Burlington, Vermont, who has lived in six different countries over the past two years. She's living and loving the global nomad life and writing about technology and startups everywhere she goes. Check out more of her writing about tech on (the more titillating stuff) KinkAndCode.. Follow her on Twitter @MissEmmaMcG.

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