Look No Further For The Best Damn Coffee

Today’s Killer Startup: The Best Damn Coffee


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Elevator Pitch

The Best Damn Coffee is “a place to find all the best coffee in the world.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I drink what some people would probably call “too much” coffee. Personally, I think that my at least two cups of super strong brew to get me writing in the morning are not only essential but integral to my creative process. (My boyfriend doesn’t agree; he thinks I’m slightly insane.) Additionally, the past three countries I’ve lived in have been coffee-producing countries (Guatemala, Indonesia, and Vietnam), all with very different beans and coffee cultures.


So yeah, you could say I’m invested in finding the best damn coffee. In fact, I even bought an Aeropress and a hand grinder so that I could make the best damn coffee in my own damn house. (Yes, I am absolutely that person who spends like, five minutes hand grinding coffee in the morning. #NoRegrets.)


All that to say, I’m down with your mission, The Best Damn Coffee. I know that I’m not the only one who’s into coffee enough to sit there and grind it by hand, and who spends more time than is really necessary debating between the two different brands in the gourmet supermarket. In fact, I’d say that my level of obsessiveness is pretty entry-level and that there are folks out there who are way more into coffee than I am. And for all of us, you’ve created a cool site that brings great coffee from independent farms to the forefront.


Fellow coffee obsessives: Head over to The Best Damn Coffee and start upvoting your faves, Product Hunt-style, or at least see what’s out there that you might not even have heard of yet. Start drinking that good stuff! (Dare I say: The Best Damn Stuff?)



#Coffee lovers, I know you only want the @bestdamncoffees. Get it!


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