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The Best Bar And Club Recommendations With NightOwl

Today’s Killer Startup: NightOwl





Elevator Pitch:

NightOwl is a smart way to figure out where you’re going to go out tonight.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

While I love going out with friends, I hate the process of figuring out where to go. Nothing gets me to the end of my rope faster than a large (or even largish) group of people sitting around and debating where to grab the next drink. This seems to especially be a problem in big cities, where there are so many options that picking one seems impossible and picking the wrong one can mean a seriously shitty night.


NightOwl takes care of that problem with their iOS app (currently available in NYC, Boston, Philly, and D.C.) that helps you figure out where to go next. Rather than relying on too much information (like long reviews) or too little information (like only telling you how expensive it is), NightOwl relies on user-generated tags. If a bar is a full of frat boys or children or only indie hipsters, NightOwl can give you that insight.


The app also lets users browse by tag, venue, neighborhood/district, or you can follow friends who like the same things you do. The app is also fully integrated with both Google Maps and Uber, so once you figure out where you want to go, you can get there with minimum hassle.


Finally, NightOwl lets users keep lists of places they loved — or hated. Thought the bartender down the street was super hot and don’t want to forget to check back another time? Loved the mojitos at that Mexican joint but can’t even remember where it was? Realized that the bar near work is full of douche bags? Add them to your lists and choose whether to share you insights publicly or keep them just to yourself.


So next time you’re out with friends and you realize that you’re about to fall into the inevitable? “Where should we go next?” conversation, just pull out NightOwl and avoid the whole thing all together.



Never ask “Where should we go next?” again, once you have @NightOwlMobile in hand.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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