The App That Lets You Speak from the Grave

Losing someone close to you is difficult enough as it is; not being able to say goodbye makes things even tougher.


Most people are fortunate enough to spend a loved one’s final days by their side and obtain greater acceptance because of it.  But in the case of unexpected deaths, we often aren’t so lucky. In addition to the sudden and significant change they cause in many facets of our lives, not getting the closure we need can cause emotional strain that can last for years.


With MyLastWill, it’s never too late to tell loved ones how you feel.  The convenient new mobile app allows families and friends to clarify what’s left when someone passes through videos that are played back to closed networks.

MyLastWill makes the process of creating video wills, living wills, and last loving messages incredibly quick and painless.  In addition to helping avoid legal issues and family differences after death, your videos are great for bringing loved ones closure and a little bit of happiness during an unquestionably difficult time.


No matter if you’re perfectly healthy or in your final days, MyLastWill’s user-friendliness makes it a great option for everyone.  And with the ability to edit videos in just a few moments, it’s ideal for the military and others in high-risk professions.


The strain-free process of using MyLastWill looks like this:


Kathy Carlton founded MyLastWill earlier in 2018, and has since gained momentum in her quest to make it the go-to option for video wills.  Fast forward to today, and MyLastWill videos have now been declared as submissible in legal proceedings.


Interested in the MyLastWill app?  You can learn more by visiting or can download it for yourself for free in the Google Play Store.  The team is available through email at to answer any of your questions.



Photos: MyLastWill

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