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The 5 Best Startups in Denver

Over the past few years, Denver, Colorado has seen a massive boom in business. More people are moving there on a weekly basis; and it’s a huge sports town across basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. Not to mention its thriving business market, which makes it an ideal home for a special group – Denver startups.


Several businesses have started over the past few years, even in the midst of a pandemic. But some of these Denver startups continue to flourish, thanks to ongoing business from new consumers and strong word of mouth. And not just that, but big growth in breweries and restaurants has also come as well.

But we’re losing focus. Let’s take a look at five big Denver startups that continue to stand strong today, and could see a brighter tomorrow headed into 2023!


Let’s say you want to create a good social campaign for your company. Sure, you could grab a camera and give it a try yourself, going for a “homegrown” approach. But, instead, you may want to consider a professional. Like, for this particular case, Soona.

Established in 2018, this company works with a special online studio platform to create photos and videos based on what your brand needs. It has continued to grow over the years, through five rounds of funding. And today, it still sees a number of clients that are in need of its services. Give them a look and see what they can do for your campaign!


Right off the bat, Welcome makes you feel, well, welcome! Getting its start just a couple of years ago, this Denver-based startup has the ultimate tools needed to help businesses keep launching digital events.

It works closely alongside both corporations and individuals to make this happen, helping fulfill the need in an already overcrowded market. Thus far, it’s done really well for itself, reaching investor funding totaling over $12 million. And as the said market grows, it’ll likely be more of a “welcome” presence as time goes on. That’s something we can all look forward to.


For our next choice, let’s go with a company that’s been around Denver longer than the usual startups. Havenly began its work back in 2014 and works with a simple system that’s a godsend for new homeowners. Using its tools, it allows up-and-coming house buyers to get a hold of the right interior designers. Through this connection, they can make the home of their dreams even more of a reality.

What’s more, it works with a variety of consumers, no matter the budget. So it’s not just set aside for the rich people out there, but also common folk that needs something nice done with their place. With over 25 investors on board and funding reaching nearly $86 million, Havenly seems like a good option that will continue to be around for some time. That should make some consumers feel right at home.


The NFT market is on the rise, and there are more startups doing a lot with them than you might expect. That includes the oddly named FungyProof, a new startup that does its business outside Denver, in the rural city of Boulder. This company provides a special online tool that allows traders to see what particular NFTs are worth. More advanced tools are also on hand, just in case there’s a good chance that a trade could work in their favor.

Not everyone is crazy about NFTs, and we understand that more than anyone. However, those that are new on the market could benefit from what FungyProof has to offer. What’s more, they offer affordable rates, so you can use more of that hard-earned cash to expand your NFT-buying market.

With investing at just $1 million thus far, FungyProof has room to grow. But considering the NFT market’s explosion lately, it’ll likely have a place to stay from hereon in.


Not to be confused with the long-standing Casa Bonita, Casa has called Denver home for a few years now. It’s a top-notch startup that specializes in all things cryptocurrency. Its staff works with users to help keep tabs on certain holdings in the crypto market, as well as keep tabs on things such as private keys. What’s more, their security is top of the line, keeping crashes and theft out of reach.

Thus far, the company has $6 million across four different funding programs, so it’s bound to stick around for the long haul – especially with the crypto market being as it is. And it should see future business as more newcomers arrive in Denver, looking to do more with their digital holdings. No doubt they’ll consider Casa their home sweet home.

And that’s it for the top companies, but do some looking around. There are a lot more Denver startups to consider!

Author : Robert Workman

Robert Workman is a seasoned writing veteran who has spent years working on a number of high-tech and entertainment websites. He knows his stuff when it comes to all things video games, and, well, doesn't he look like George Clooney? Well, if you squint...

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