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ThDstrct.comNiche social sites and communities have been around for a long time. None has become a wild sensation, but the people who are part of them always find what they can’t find on Facebook: the knowledge that every other person who is part of the network shares a lot of common ground and interests with them. They aren’t friends with every other person on the site, but they wouldn’t mind being. They’re all there for a reason, and any interaction that takes place has a true sense of purpose.


That explains why niche social sites have never died, even when Facebook has been growing and growing without stop. And the bigger Facebook gets, then the more niche networks that will be released. And the better they’ll become, too. Just look at this new one.

ThDstrct is a community for nothing but DC-based creatives. If you’re one, you can connect with fellow professionals in a way that’s as simple as clicking on the profile pictures featured on the site, and exploring that person’s own portfolio. If you find his work inspiring, then you’ll be able to reach out to him and get to know him even better.

ThDstrct is actually inspired by a site that launched in Portland about one year ago. They’re almost identical, in fact. The only difference is the area that’s covered. But as far as design and features goes, then they’re clearly sister sites.

Designers looking for fresh ideas, students trying to showcase their work and connect to employers, entrepreneurs looking for “the next big thing” while it’s just the airiest of thoughts… ThDstrct is where all of these people can connect. If you find yourself in any of these positions and you live in DC, then this site might as well mark the start of something important in your career. You can easily get started by adding yourself to the database here. In Their Own Words

Washington DC is an amazing city, chock full of creative talent. Inspired by the brilliant, we wanted to create a free, simple, elegant way to showcase all that talent in one place.

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In which other cities would such a network work well? Isn’t San Francisco an obvious choice?

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