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That’s It? That’s Your Plan? Think Again. Think Blueprint

Jazz musicians are famous for their skills as improvisers, rightfully so – but their ability to create on the spot also helps solidify the misconception that notes pour spontaneously out of their brains and bodies. Truth is, hundreds of hours of playing and studying music and learning from fellow musicians prepares them for their inspired flights.



Startup founders aren’t so different. They have to adapt and act quickly, learn a dizzying amount of skills, and they better themselves by taking advantage of all the advice available from those who’ve come before them. To dive into building a company without the right preparation is to summon disaster.


Blueprint Planning Solutions helps entrepreneurs start new businesses with a solid game plan. And perform like jazz maestros.



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Founded by Stewart Brown – after accumulating over 30 years of executive experience and having served on national evaluation panels for Australian Business Excellence Awards – Blueprint Planning Solutions supports new businesses through consultancy services and business planning tools.


A “Start Up Rating Tool” gauges if a business is prepared enough to succeed. Since this patented predictive scoring model is a free tool, it’s a good place to begin assessing if you’re ready or not to move forward. Probably you’re not, which is why it’s so crucial to check yourself before leaping out of the gate.


After providing information about a new endeavor, Blueprint Planning Solutions puts together a business plan within 48hrs. A custom plan. No templates or basic information that you already know. Instead, Brown delivers personal options, solutions, and recommendations that give you a better chance of being successful.


Having developed a startup system, or “blueprint method,” that draws upon sound business principles, planning, research and experience, Brown identifies problems. He guides business owners past obstacles and helps them to reduce risks as well as implement money-saving measures.


All of this is achieved in part by forcing business owners to establish more reasonable business objectives. What’s more, insights into business demographics spot both trouble and opportunity, which leads to better results in shorter time.


In addition to developing a custom business plan, Brown provides coaching through the planning stages, advises first-time business owners, and can even help entrepreneurs put their plans into action. The combination of mentorship and business planning tools aims to ready each new business for the challenges ahead.


Time to retire the myth of the solo founder who does everything alone. No business is born in a vacuum, and no entrepreneur gets far without robust support – be it from connections, extensive research, or online tools. Blueprint Planning Solutions equips new business owners with a little (or a lot) of all the above. Learn more about how you can start up smarter at


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Author : Keith Liles

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