Texty.com – CMS Without The Headaches

Texty.comTexty is a new service which lets you create and edit internet content with ease. Using it requires absolutely null coding skills.

Yes, even your kid sister could pluck out some totally happening content using Texty. Aside from its slick user-friendliness, Texty is simple. It comes with a WYSIWYG editor in which you can easily type in some text, throw in a few images and format it all without having a serious breakdown. After you’ve got your stuff arranged however you like, you’ll get an embed code which means your text will show up wherever you attach the code. If you’re not satisfied you can go back and edit. Changes are added immediately. Yes, it’s that simple. Dead simple. This is CMS that will keep you sane and happy.

Texty.com In Their Own Words

“Texty was born from the concept that simple text elements on any website should be very easy to edit for anyone. Like this text element for example, it can be changed through this site – without ever opening a FTP connection, editing a block of HTML, or testing for code issues.
That is why we call it simple content management syndication – SCMS.”

Why Texty.com It Might Be A Killer

Texty is brilliantly simple. As they have stated themselves, text should be easy for any one to implement; you shouldn’t have to wrangle with complicated codes and headaches. The site has a very nice, intuitive interface—adding text to a website is like writing an email. You can also add comments and RSS feeds.

Some Questions About Texty.com

Will they add the ability to integrate images? Is this too simple? There are many other similar tools with more functionality, will users find it helpful? If you already have a website, wouldn’t you want something with more power? Texty.com