search cancel – Send Group Text Messages With Your Name is a mobile application for sending text messages to large groups of people, in a way that’s completely personalized. You see, when using this app all of your friends will get a text message with your full name, not a random number nobody could relate to. You simply have to type your message down, and choose all the people you want to receive it from the list of contacts that the application lets you have. That will be it. Everybody will get the message, with your name as sender.


There’s no fixed fees for using this service. You’re going to be billed per each message that you send. And there’s no set-up costs, either. You’ll be charged based on nothing but the SMSes that you send to your friends. And it’s good to mention this app can be used for texting just two or three friends at once. Although it was mainly devised as a way to let you communicate with large groups of people, you can use it to get in touch with just a handful of friends.

And the option to send 5 free text messages is provided for those who want to try the service first-hand. In Their Own Words

Group SMS with your name as sender.

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Where can this service find its true niche?

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