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Textmob.coA great way never to lose track of all the people you’re going on a trip or excursion with, Textmob enables you to create mobile groups where you can have just everybody brought together. The idea is to let you (and them, of course) message everybody at once, and send a collective message with the same ease and speed that one can send a “regular” SMS.


Using Textmob is as simple as creating an event, and then adding all the people who are going to be part of the same group one by one. And people can add themselves at a later date, too, so if any of your friends is the kind who always wait until the last possible minute to confirm he is up for any trip or concert that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

And it’s worth pointing out that Textmob lends itself to much more than just trips and concerts. Obviously, these are the two uses that one more readily associates with a service of this nature. But the truth is it can also be used for tailgates, and just any kind of reunion. Anywhere there’s lots of people and it could be easy for you and your friends to lose track of each other is a context Textmob will come in helpful. In Their Own Words

Create SMS Groups around an event or trip.

Some Questions About

Can one share his phone number with other members of the groups if he wishes? Or must it always remain withheld?

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