TextMarks.com – SMS Text Message Solutions

TextMarks.comTextMarks is a company in the text message space that develops solutions that make text messaging more prevalent and powerful. Amongst their most interesting solutions are an API that can be used to SMS-enable web applications, group alerts and communication solutions, and T-shirts that text back.

The SMS-enabler for web applications allows users to mobilize their web pages and applications by embedding such features as the ability to respond with live text from any web page and to use variables for custom responses. The T-shirts offered allow people to promote causes and engage in their community all while encouraging them to text their support to the number on the T-shirt.

TextMarks.com In Their Own Words

“TextMarks is an early stage company focused on making text messaging more powerful and more accessible. We empower individuals and organizations to “text message enable” their information and their web pages — and to do so in a matter of minutes.”

Why TextMarks.com It Might Be A Killer

TextMarks seems to be doing a good job of maximizing the potential uses of SMS. They should become a more important player providing that the popularity of this data channel continues to increase in the US.

Some Questions About TextMarks.com

What other solutions are they working on at the moment? Are they also working on WAP-type solutions? TextMarks.com