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TextListen.comWe have all been there. We want to listen to a song that we never have on our MP3s, our iPods or whichever device we use to carry our best-loved music around. And I mean, it always happens. It is something almost mathematical.


Well, there is a new service that can prevent that from happening any more. It is named Text Listen, and it will basically let you send a text message with the name of the artist and the song that you want to listen to, and automagically receive the song on your mobile.

For this to work you have to add Text Listen to your contacts, but that is about it. The song will be put your way the moment you request it. And there are no fees to be paid for using the service, either. You will have to pay for the SMS only. Text Listen charges nothing for sending the song along once you have placed your request. In Their Own Words

Text to listen to your favorite music.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a foolproof way to get the music you want to listen to when you are on the go.

Some Questions About

Is this really legal?

Author : Roger Hollings

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