Textingly.com – Mobile Marketing For Businesses

Textingly.comMake no mistake about it, mobile marketing is where the big growth lies for small businesses and retailers. A well-devised marketing campaign can make new customers walk through the door in masses. And all the more so if one is using Textingly – an app that takes communication between business owners and customers as we have always known it, and gives it a whole new impetus.

This marketing service makes for sending customers coupons and deals straight to their mobiles, and at the same time answer any question they might have about your company. And all of that is done in real time, of course. Anything that a customer might have trouble with or be confused about can be easily dealt with by using Textingly.

A free version of Textingly is available for those who want to try the service before going for any of the five paid plans that are available – “Starter”, “Basic”, “Standard”, “Plus” and “Pro”. All of these plans let you send messages without ads, and have SMSes scheduled in advance, to be delivered when any big event or milestone comes around.

And a service that can actually be used in tandem with this one, by the way, is DinerConnection. That can be used to take the mobile experience of patrons even further, and let them know when their tables are ready.

Textingly.com In Their Own Words

The easiest way to reach your customers by text message.

Some Questions About Textingly.com

Can one create multiple templates and have them alternated according to the actual needs of his campaign? Textingly.com