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TextFlow.comIn general terms, TextFlow is a word processor that makes for online collaboration among those who use it. This is possible because it is completely browser-based, and all that you and your mates have to worry about is having a fluid Internet connection.


Two versions of TextFlow are available – the personal one, and the professional edition. As you can imagine, the former is the free version (suitable for testing purposes) whereas the latter is for those who wish to have access to a wider range of features such as the possibility to brand documents and enhanced (prioritized) customer support. The professional edition currently retails at US$ 99.

This tool is presented by Nordic River and the company aims to create next generation office productivity tools. This one actually marks their first release, and it stands as a step in the right direction since it makes for online collaboration in a very supple setting indeed. Check the corporate website for updates and information on products which are forthcoming from this Swedish company. In Their Own Words

“TextFlow is built and created by Nordic River. Our mission is developing next generation office productivity tools that take full advantage of collaboration over the internet. The arrival of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) gives us the power and the moment to redesign the office experience. We can now combine the best of the old off-line desktop with the new possibilities of web-based software, where users work anywhere, any time, on any connected computer. This gives us an opportunity to fundamentally reshape the way office tools look and feel.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Collaboration over the web is made a smooth endeavor through such an application.

Some Questions About

Are there related applications on the web? How does this one compare to those?

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