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Texteri.comTexteri is a new web service that will let you send free text messages to all your fiends. This is done by creating a phonebook, and then adding them one by one to it. Once that has been dealt with, then you simply pick the one that you want to have messaged, and the SMS will be sent.


Or the ones that you want to have messaged – Texteri actually comes with group texting capabilities, so that notifying people who were to attend a party you were hosting that the party is starting half an hour later could hardly be any easier. And so is notifying coworkers that there has been a change of plans, or letting the people you study with know you are not going to be there in time.

Right now, will let you message people in the following four territories: the US, Canada, Britain and Ireland. You create the phonebook (after signing up for a free account), add the person to it and that will be him (or her) becoming instantly reachable through the site. In Their Own Words

Free texts and SMS to anyone!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that lets people save money is primed for success today, and if it lets people save on something as recurrent as mobile costs then it is all the better for that.

Some Questions About

Will other countries be supported later? Which top the list?

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