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TextChannels.comThere are just too many sites for the aggregation of social news available. Some new ideas are needed in order to take things forward. And that is exactly what this new resource brings to the table: a different way to approach the way in which news are shared and read on social sites.


At its most basic level, TextChannels stands as a site in which instead of presenting news in a series of fixed subsections, everything goes into channels. And the really novel bit is that these channels are actually created and curated by users.

People can subscribe to these channels that others have created, follow each other around, rate what is posted (and comment on it)… in short: do all these things that have come to define online social interactions.

If this sound like all the excuse you need for getting involved in the sharing of news with others, then just head to the site right now, create an account (or sign in with Twitter) and begin building your very own channels. In Their Own Words

TextChannels is a social news aggregator. Instead of having subsections for different subjects, users create, customize and moderate news channels. Members can follow news channels, give stars to posts and comment.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are no other aggregators that give people so much control over how news are actually presented and edited.

Some Questions About

Will the concept catch on? Why/why not?

Author : Roger Hollings

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