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TextbookCrook.comA site that it is aimed at college students, Textbook Crook has the objective of putting the bookstore middleman out of the picture when it comes to selling used books. A fact is a fact: if you buy a book for $120 at the campus bookstore that you use for a semester only and then you want to sell it back to that very same bookstore, chances are they will offer you something like $20 for buying it back.

They might subsequently sell it for something like $80. The idea, then, is to let students avoid that and charge a price ensuring the seller will receive more than on a traditional buyback, and the new owner have it for less than the price the bookstore would charge.

Listing an item on the site costs $1. The books that are listed can be browsed for free by everybody, and the site makes it possible for the seller and the buyer to meet on campus at a convenient time in order to carry the transaction to completion. That is, the system also dispenses with shipping and handling fees of any kind. In Their Own Words

“Don’t let the bookstore buy back your book for $10 then resell it to your classmate for $70! You know that’s what they do! Why not just sell it to your classmate yourself for $50 so both the buyer AND seller can benefit? Perhaps you don’t know what books your classmates need? Now you do”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The system is devised from start to finish to benefit students. Both those who are buying and those who are selling are getting a great deal.

Some Questions About

Are all States already covered by this system?

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