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Text-Savings.comSimply put, Text Savings will enable you to find these businesses that charge the best prices close to wherever you are, both through a web-based search tool and by way of free text messages.


The latter option is no doubt the one most people would feel attracted to owing to its versatility, and it works very easily.

All you have to do is send out a SMS to the number that is supplied on the site including either a keyword or a business name along with your ZIP Code in order to receive a reply with the best deal in your vicinity. And if you want to view more prices, all you have to do is reply to that message with “N”.

A system like this one is compatible with businesses of every kind – the full list of categories can be read on the site, and it is a very expansive one. Automotive, Babies & Kids, Electronics and Clothing are just four that I can assume will keep people coming back for more.

I think that the whole system would work better if it provided more prices in the same message, but other than that Text Savings does its part quite well, and it has true potential to become something even more interesting in due time. Let’s see how it evolves from now on. In Their Own Words

“Savings are just a text away!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no other service that provides a search for the best prices in an area via SMS.

Some Questions About

What are the fees that apply for using this service?

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