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You can find the following main categories of products at TestSeek: Cameras, Computers, Games, Home Electronics, House/Home and Phones. So if you are still debating whether to get an LCD or a Plasma or you aren’t sure which PDA will suit you the best, just go to TestSeek, do your research and then buy the product all in the same place.

Testseek.com In Their Own Words

Testseek.com is actually today the world’s most complete database for expert reviews of consumer related products. We aggregate expert reviews from more than a thousand high quality content web sites. Through our partnerships we also list review information from physical magazines. Our main focus has always been and will always be expert reviews. An unbiased expert review is always preferable next to a user review.

Why Testseek.com It Might Be A Killer

There are an impressive number of unbiased, expert reviews. Those unsure of what to buy or who to trust will like the fact that they no longer have to scour the web for expert opinions. Since they can find the most reliable opinions all in one place and also good prices, the entire buying cycle will be completed in one page.

Some Questions About Testseek.com

It would be good to have more options for filtering searches. Perhaps the most obvious addition would be to filter for lowest price or to be able to pick more than one variable to search for. Testseek.com