Permanently Slam The Door Shut On Hackers With Terra Privacy

If you’re like me and practically live online, the threat of hackers breaking into your computer no doubt terrifies you. Actually, you probably don’t think about security threats all that much, because you’d become paralyzed by fear if you did, and you have way to much work to get done for that to happen.


You just want to be able to work and search, make purchases, store your data with peace of mind, right? You want unbreakable security, so you don’t have to worry about threats even for a second.


Say hello to Terra Privacy and their TTC (Transport Traffic Control) NetSwitch solution. Behind the company is an inventor who’s created a patent-pending unbreakable encryption method as well as an internet-traffic management technology that was bought out by Micromuse in 2002.


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That expertise has been fused together to offer you the complete online security you’ve been wanting. How does it work? Well, after you’ve installed TTC NetSwitch, basically nothing can be taken from your computer without your knowledge. Nothing. You regain full control over who has access to your data.


TTC NetSwitch makes it impossible for anyone to hide. You see not just the host machine trying to access your computer, but the true identity of any site or person attempting entry. As an added bonus of keeping you safe from hackers and malware, this system also means that you can easily tell the difference between a legit site and a bogus trap.


No one is sneaking into your world through your webcam, USB drive, cloud storage, or anywhere else. You have a real-time list of everyone who wants anything from you, so only those who should have access will have it.


Curious to know who is tracking your computer? With TTC NetSwitch on guard, you can easily see every site that’s tracking your moves.


If you read up on how fast hackers move on the Terra Privacy website, you’ll be able to stop feeling guilty for not doing more to protect yourself. There’s no way to keep pace with the scumbags out there. Even the Antivirus champions have admitted the feebleness of antivirus software. No, forget about scanning and old-school detection methods. Something will slip through.


Instead, consider slamming shut all the back doors with TTC NetSwitch’s help. As they put things themselves: “At the end of the day, every attack requires that the hacker either be allowed into your computer or their software needs to be allowed out. Once you have control at this level, the hackers finally have none — regardless of the clever methods they attempt to use.”


Don’t leave yourself vulnerable any longer. Want to conduct your online life 100% worry free about hackers and malware. Learn more at


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