Tenta: Browse The Internet Safely, Privately And Conveniently

In general, I try to not add fear to the world. There’s plenty of fear spokesmen already. However, when it comes to the Internet, most of us are woefully unsafe and we really should be more afraid. Now, many of us spend a considerable amount of our lives online with nothing bad ever happening, but that’s not the same as being safe. Shoot, despite all the warnings, I know at least a handful of people that still use birthdates and other personal info for their passcodes! On multiple accounts!


Anyone else experience heartbreak upon learning that Incognito does not equal invisible browsing? Arguably Incognito browsing is more dangerous than helpful as it can mislead users into thinking that they’re entirely protected, and it requires sacrificing convenient functions such a s bookmarking, keeping tabs open, logging in to trusted sites, downloading media – umm, all the things browsers are useful for… It’s a bum deal.


Ahh, but there’s a solution, simple and effective, that we can all appreciate. Think of it as a Smart Incognito™ mode, that lets us enjoy security, privacy, AND the freedom to do all that we typically do in our browser.


It’s called Tenta, “the private, encrypted browser the protects your data instead of selling it.”


tenta landing


Welcome to truly anonymous browsing, plus all of your data is encrypted and locked. What does Tenta protect? Everything –

  • tab history
  • downloaded files
  • bookmarks
  • IP address
  • DNS
  • online traffic
  • trusted logins


You use a secure passcode of your fingerprint (on supported device) to start browsing with Tenta. That’s as complicated as the system gets on the user’s end – security and privacy occur automatically. Read: no email tricks, credit card, or complicated settings. Because who has the time to fuss with settings? Your shouldn’t need to be a computer programmer to achieve you desired level of privacy (that one is for you, Facebook).


And, remember how some of us are too lazy to even come up with a passcode that isn’t our birthdate? Tenta is total security coverage without effort. Anyone should be able to take advantage of this.


For those that prefer deeper understanding of the safety Tenta provides, the’ve gone above and beyond with an added layer of security they’ve named Tenta Zones. Here’s how they explain them: “Tenta’s Zones are our proprietary method of grouping your tabs by server location. Have one Zone of tabs securely connected to Amsterdam, while another is simultaneously connected to Miami. Or Seattle. Or London. You can even have custom settings for each Zone, giving you unparalleled control over your browsing activity. All with just a couple of taps.”


And if you’re still a little paranoid, despite Tenta’s stalwart encryption and protection, they have a Nuke button to wipe out browsing history. Not hard to grasp the concept here, huh? Browsing history gone, gone forever, completely destroyed, thank you very much.


Request to download the beta version here, coming to those with a Google Play account first. Non-Android users can signup for the newsletter to keep abreast of platform updates. Learn more at tenta.com.


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