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TendrilInc.comGlobal warming is here, it is a reality no one can ignore or hide away from any more. As a result, the pressure on reducing green house gases emissions is tremendous.


Also, at the same time the financial crisis has caused a worldwide recession meaning that people everywhere are trying to save their money in every possible way. When it comes to optimizing the usage of electricity at homes, little has been done in the past decades, however now things have stepped up to the circumstances and so has Tendril Inc.

This company has developed a so called “Smart Grid” platform which allows the utilities provider to interact in real time with the customer. In this way the provider may for example tell the customer when it is a better time to switch on their washing machine and dryer and when to leave them off. By doing this power companies may predict power demands and act accordingly, without having to recur to expensive contingency power generation plans. These savings from the power companies may then be moved on to the customer making them save some money for using power in a responsible fashion. Also, by doing this they are helping to save the planet, and polar bears which are really cute. In Their Own Words

‘Tendril brings 21st century efficiency to the energy industry. Our technology facilitates a dialog between consumers and suppliers through an energy ecosystem that connects in-home devices (like thermostats) to the utility back office. The Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) enables consumers to better understand their energy consumption patterns and empowers them with the ability to make a difference. TREE allows energy suppliers to establish a deeper relationship with their customers and deploy smart energy conservation programs designed to meet the individual needs of their consumer.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is the future!

Some Questions About

How advanced is the implementation of this product?

Author : Bill Webb

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